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In contemporary India, the name 'Nippo' stands as an iconic presence within Indian households, a name inseparable from high-quality batteries crafted by Indo National Limited. Since its inception in 1972, Nippo has steadfastly grown into a multi-category brand and served millions of customers, setting a benchmark for excellence in both quality and performance. Beyond batteries, Nippo extends its expertise to a diverse range of flashlights, mosquito swatters, LED lighting products and electrical accessories.

With its corporate headquarters nestled in Chennai, Indo National holds the distinction of being India's inaugural dry battery company to attain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international certifications, along with the coveted ISI mark of quality on all its batteries. Nippo's expansive reach to over 2.6 million stores is underscored by a network of 20+ depots strategically positioned across India, complemented by a robust distribution system encompassing over 3,200 stockists, to ensure seamless access to its products nationwide.

Our vision

Delight consumers through value & creativity!

Our mission

To be in every Indian household with faster and profitable growth, while being a preferred partner & employer.

The values that guide our action


Be fair in all our dealings with all our stakeholders inside and outside the organisation.

Our culture, that charges us forward

At Nippo, every member of our team is deeply embedded into our culture, and is a representation of the company.

  • Respect People

    Never compromise on fairness, dignity & respect, transacting with stakeholders involved.

  • Nurture Accountability

    Always show accountability for actions. Commitments are sacred and should always be honored.

  • Practice Openness & Sharing

    Be open to giving & receiving honest & timely feedback, whether we agree or disagree, we engage willingly in discussions.

  • Strive for Continuous Improvement

    Enjoy trying new things and develop them into skills or habits. Proactively explore the use of technology to simplify life and improve efficiency.

  • Display Solution Centricity

    Always be a part of the solution, irrespective of the situation. Articulate solutions and not just the problems.

  • Make Leadership Enabling

    Display leadership not by control and supervision but by enabling, coaching & empowering the team.

Mr. P Obul Reddy was an entrepreneur, industrialist, philanthropist and patron of the arts.

He was the founder of Indo National Limited. In the year 1972, Mr. Reddy collaborated with Matsushita Electric Industries (famous for brands like Panasonic and National), Japan, for the production of Nippo Batteries.

Mr. Reddy was extensively associated with numerous philanthropic activities, especially focusing on uplifting of weaker sections in society. Being a keen lover of Carnatic music, he has also helped several music sabhas and budding artistes to rise to great heights and glory with his support and encouragement.

Mr. P. Obul Reddy


A glimpse of our legacy, five decades in the making

  • Mr. P. Obul Reddy obtained a letter of intent from MEI, Japan for collaboration with Nippo Batteries.
  • Indo National Limited is established, marking an important day in the history of the company.
  • Nippo is introduced to the Indian market through Nippo Hyper (D size) batteries.
  • Nippo’s second offering, the Nippo 2U batteries, goes into production.
  • A Special (1P) battery, an industry first, is launched, its paper outer jacket made it easily affordable for rural markets.
  • The Nippo UM-3U (AA size) batteries go into production.

We’ve won our fair share of awards over the years!

These awards are a great reminder that we are on the right track, but complacency can never set in, no matter what we do.

Excellence in Cost Management - 2016